martes, 18 de diciembre de 2007

Álvaro Hachuel work with H Oil Senior E & P Management

Carlos Alvarez Garcia, Senior Petroleum Geoscientist (Consultant), Age 52

  • Over 24 years experience as a Geoscientist, most of these working for the petroleum industry with experience as a wellsite geologist, for both onshore and offshore wells, and has worked in over 20 operations
  • Worked for British Petroleum, Chevron Oil Company of Spain and for Hispanoil (now Repsol-YPF), Teredo Oils Ltd., Cairn Energy Plc (U.K. based companies) Petroleum Oil & Gas (a Houston-based company), consultant to Sherrit International Corp., Serica Energy Corp. among others
  • B. Sc. Geology (Complutense University, Madrid)

Álvaro Hachuel work with H Oil Senior E & P Management

Isaac Rodriguez Gonzalez, Senior E&P Engineer, Age 62

  • Over 15 years for Repsol YPF as head Project Manager in Exploration and Production (E&P) projects, including Poseidon (1.5Mn m3/day of gas) and Chipiron (15,000 bbl/day of oil), both offshore Spain
  • Working experience in gas and oil field development, managing petrochemical plants and underground gas storage for Repsol YPF and the former Mc Kee CTIP, including Gaviota (770Mn m3 per year) offshore Spain
  • Recently in charge of the extraction of all residual petroleum from sunken Prestige at 2,800m depth
  • Civil Engineer, Madrid Polytechnic University

Álvaro Hachuel work with H Oil Senior E & P Management

Luis Rodríguez Torrego, Senior Manager - Operations Team, Age 62
  • 32 years with Repsol YPF, 22 years of these overseas
  • Held various positions including Chief Geologist and Exploration Manager
  • Responsible for multiple E&P licenses, many as Operator, in Libya, Algeria, Brazil, Colombia, Spain and the United Kingdom
  • High rate of successful discoveries as Operator during 30 years of active exploration (> 800 bbl recoverable reserves)
  • MSc Geophysics, Complutense University, Madrid 1972
  • MBA, ICADE, Madrid

Álvaro Hachuel work with H Oil Senior E & P Management

Alvaro Odriozola, Exploration Manager, Age 62

  • 35 years experience as Petroleum Geologist, 22 of those as Exploration Manager.
  • 32 years with Repsol YPF
  • Responsible for multiple exploration/production licenses, many as Operator, and for building, managing and supervising multi-disciplinary international exploration and development teams
  • Estimated overall discoveries of > 800 million barrels of recoverable oil reserves
  • B. Sc. in Geology (Madrid University), D.I.C. Diploma (Imperial College), Petroleum Geology and a Master of Sciences in Petroleum Geology (London University)

miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2007

Bio. Alvaro Hachuel

Álvaro Hachuel, Executive Vice President - Intl Business Development, Age 41 .

  • Over 17 years of international business development and corporate finance experience in H Oil Group, Salomon Brothers Inc and Banque Nationale de Paris
  • Managing Director, H Oil, Minerals & Telecom Ltd, the capital goods export arm of H Oil Group
  • Responsible for negotiations of oil & gas concession acquisitions, capital goods project tenders and oil trading contracts throughout Europe and Africa Responsible for the establishment of major strategic alliances for contract execution with Sonangol, NIS-Petroleum Industry of Serbia, Petrobras, Alcatel-Lucent, Abengoa, ACS, Ferrovial, Indra et. al..
  • Generated over $350 million in contracts in the last two years alone
  • B.S. in Business Administration at Boston University. Completed studies Oxford College of Petroleum Studies and New York University